Thank you for participating in the first year of “The Dugout.” We asked you to pray for a student and you did that and so much more! Our students were very blessed!

It is now time for our annual draft. Please get a new, updated card from Lance or Kate. We encourage you to select a new student to draft.

What is your role as a coach? The role of a coach is to pray, show kindness, and provide encouragement.

Please pray every day for your student.

  • Say a simple “hello” or “we are praying for you” when you see your student at church.
  • Show an act of kindness once a month (the student’s favorite candy is on the card).
  • Send an encouraging note throughout the year.

Coaches are not just adults! Anyone, young or old, can be a coach! How great it will be for our children to be praying for our students! Pick up your card at church.

Do you have a great idea to share on how you are being a coach? Share it with us!