The adult education ministry offers a variety of engaging, transformative Sunday School classes. Each class chooses its own format. And, it does not end on Sunday mornings! We offer opportunities for spiritual growth and Christian discipleship in both traditional and non-traditional settings.

This class is committed to exploring the deep truths of Scripture through discussion, prayer, and fellowship with an emphasis on developing caring relationships and seeking to serve others. The teachers use the Formations Adult Bible Study as a guide for Bible lessons.

Room: Maresh Hall

Class members seek to interact through prayer and fellowship while connecting Biblical principles to daily life. The Smyth and Helwys curriculum is presented and discussed.

Room 421

This class focuses their discussions on the Bible as a main resource. Many commentaries and several on-line resources are used to help participants interpret Scripture. The schedule is paced to meet the needs of the class.

Room 128

The class enjoys seeking divine truth and transcendent experience through the examination of personal views and those of others. Resources used are the Bible, books, articles, and essays.

Room 125

The class includes a diverse group of learners across various life phases and faith backgrounds who value learning, fellowship, and prayer while supporting each other at life’s crossroads. The focus of the class is to deeply understand and apply Scripture across a range of topics through presentation and class discussion.

Room: 412

This class offers Bible study in Spanish. The class is open to both native Spanish speakers and those who have Spanish as a second language. Time is provided to study the Bible and to share and pray for personal concerns and celebrations. The Bible and materials from Editorial Mundo Hispano are used.

Room: Choir Suite

This class is devoted to both chasing “spiritual rabbits” and exploring time-proven wisdom through the focused study of individual books of the Bible.

Room 409

This class provides a venue for discussion and fellowship whether someone has been in Sunday School for a lifetime or is just returning to Sunday School and wants a fresh approach. A variety of topics and teachers provide eclectic opportunities for development in spiritual understanding.

Room 411

The men of this class focus on a verse-by-verse study and discussion of Bible Scripture.

Room 409

This  class engages together in thoughtful discussion on a variety of focused topics and Scriptures A variety of resources are used including the Smyth and Helwys curriculum.

Room: 413

Sunday School Vision Statement

Studying and Learning the Bible

  • Utilizing intriguing study that develops hunger for the Word;
  • Engaging with skillful teachers who not only teach the Bible but develop other members as teachers of the Word;
  • Relating the Bible to one’s life and experiences; and
  • Sharing actively as Sunday School members to expand our experience and challenge our thinking.

In-Reach and Support for Each Other

  • A feeling of continual support from fellow Sunday School members:
  • Regular celebrations of how consistent in-reach helped our members;
  • A sense of shared ownership of the class by all members.
  • Intentional follow up and dedication to noticing which members need prayer and care;
  • Regular communication through a variety of means to all members and potential members;
  • Strategic connections between Sunday Schools and other events or programs; and
  • An updated class directory with preferred ways of contact.


  • Regular in-home fellowships intended to build relationships;
  • “Open time” during each class for communication;
  • Frequent events such as parties, lunch outings, prayer breakfasts, and special dinners; and
  • The use of media and technology for connecting and communication throughout the week.

Individual and Communal Prayer

  • An expansion of the teaching and practice of prayer;
  • The encouragement for members to develop personal, individual prayer lives;
  • A regular means of updating prayer requests;
  • Regular communication to all class members of prayer needs; and
  • An increased comfort with individual and corporate prayer.