Serve During the Pandemic

How can you continue to serve during the world-wide pandemic and keep others and yourself safe at the same time?

A great way to love your neighbor as yourself is to practice good covedticate.

  • stay home
  • when you do go out in public, wear a mask.
  • practice good hand-hygiene
  • don’t shake hands or hug others
  • elbow bumps are ok

Homeless Ministry

We have a group who meets weekly to make sack lunches for homeless people. You can help! These sack lunches are dropped off at CAM (Christian Assistance Ministry) and they distribute them.

The Woodland Homeless Ministry Group meets every other week on Wednesday mornings. They accept drop-off items between 8:45 am and 9:45 am. The earlier you bring items the better.

Here are the regular needs; they change slightly each time they meet (The core group and a very small group of church members are providing both sandwiches and supplies for this Ministry.  After doing this for many months it is getting expensive. It would be great to involve more church members or others in the community bringing in these needed items.)

  1. Make sandwiches — peanut butter & jelly only. Please wear a mask and gloves while making the sandwiches.
  2. Paper sandwich bags (especially need these)
  3. Fruit – Fresh such as apples, oranges, clementines
  4. Fruit cups NOT limited to applesauce (especially need these)
  5. Individual bags of chips (especially need these)
  6. Individual bags of cookies (Not homemade)
  7. Granola bars or Nutrigrain bars
  8. Peanut butter crackers
  9. Individual hard candies like peppermints
  10. Checks made payable directly to CAM (Christian Assistance Ministry) or to Woodland marked Homeless Ministry.

Please drop these items off at the church beside Maresh Hall on Wednesdays between 8:45 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. 

A few other notes from our crew:

To the bag we add a paper towel and a Bible verse.  We do a minimum of 200 bags each time we meet.  If we have enough of every item we keep making them.

Sandwiches are not placed in bags.  They are sent down in a box and CAM adds them to bags when they pass them out.

Any excess of the “bag” items are stored in the kitchen to use when we meet again.  That is what the “inventory” gives you so we know what we really need for the next workday.

Any leftover items are saved to use when we meet again. Leftover fresh fruit and items donated such as water and juice boxes are delivered to CAM along with the bags and sandwiches.

San Antonio Food Bank

The San Antonio Food Bank is being stretched pretty thin. Here are a couple of ways you can help.

  1. Give to them through the YouthCUE donation page. YouthCUE has a special event coming soon to benefit the SA Food Bank.
  2. Volunteer at the SA Food Bank. They need many more volunteers right now. Learn more on their site.

Give Blood

Our area blood supply is getting low. The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is taking limited donors at a time to help protect everyone’s health. Learn more and set up an appointment at their site.

Make Masks

We’ve received two urgent needs for masks. One from our area’s Child & Adult Protective Services workers and the other is the Children’s Shelter.

We are looking to collect at least 400 masks to give to them. It would be great if these masks had a slot for a filter. Here is a link to a Facebook post that shows how Terri Kirn made masks