“Oikonomos” (οἰκονόμος) is the Greek word for stewardship; and it is the name of a new initiative in ministry at Woodland which calls attention to our Christian responsibility (“stewardship”) to God’s earth. In 2021 Woodland will embark on an emphasis to develop a formal ministry of being stewards of God’s creation. If you have interest in this ministry, please contact Mike Massar.

Spiritual Rationale

Purpose: To heighten Woodland’s awareness of the spiritual responsibility of creation stewardship.


  1. Develop an Oikonomos Task Force that will direct the formation of the ministry with the hope that the task force will evolve into a standing committee of the church
  2. Educate by providing books, movies, and resources by which congregants can engage at their level of interest
  3. Involve through programs for children, youth, young adults (e.g. VBS, camps, etc.)
  4. Evangelize by sharing what we are doing in the community, hopefully piquing interest in our calling and sense of purpose