Living Life fully for the Time God gives us

LifeTimers meet on the third Thursday of each month in Maresh Hall. In addition to their monthly luncheon meeting, this senior adult ministry (55+) organizes group travel, programs and ministry opportunities.

LifeTimers Leadership Team

Co-Directors: Linda Mason & Kay Morrison
Secretary: Carol Hagler
Programs: Debby Bussey, Babs Baugh, John Franklin, Kay Franklin, Barbara Higdon, Ed Twedt, Mary Moses
Treasurers: Melissa Brown & Anna Dillon
Travel & Day Trips Coordinator: Linda Mason
Membership: Edith Geurin & Elizabeth Myers
Food Coordinators: Kathy Barnes & B.J. Wachel
Arrangements: Jeannette McDonald
Photographer: John Myers
Historian: Buddy Wachel
Newsletter Editor: Sheila Norton
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Help Wanted

We want to make sure that our LifeTimers group continues to improve and to reflect your wants and needs. With that in mind, we are asking for your input. If you have ideas for future programs or you have contacts with people who have interesting stories to share, please contact Program Coordinator Debby Bussey.

We also want to plan day trips and excursions that are fun, entertaining, and enlightening. Your suggestions for outings would be most welcome. You can contact Linda Mason at to share your ideas for day trips.

Program Preview

Debby Bussey and her Programs Team (Babs Baugh, John Franklin, Kay Franklin, Barbara Higdon, Ed Twedt and Mary Moses) have put together a wonderful line-up of programs for this Lifetimers season. As you can see from the following preview, we have a lot to look forward to in the months ahead.

Thank you Debby and everyone else who helped put these programs together.

Please Note

LifeTimers is canceled for April and May. Stay healthy!

Programs Overview

If you are not currently a member of our LifeTimers group, you are missing out on lots of fun. As LifeTimers, we “live LIFE fully for the TIME God gives us.” We warmly welcome Woodland’s members who are 55+ and their friends (we have a strict “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy where age is concerned, so don’t let that keep you away).

This is a great opportunity for enjoying a delightful lunch and getting to know others while being entertained by guest performers or speakers. LifeTimers also sponsors local day trips and extended destination trips.

LifeTimers gather together on the third Thursday of the month from September through May in Maresh Hall at 11:00 AM.

If you are interested in becoming a LifeTimer, please contact our Edith Geurin at A LifeTimers one-time membership costs $10; our delicious lunch is $5.

Dear friends,

For the past month I have been teaching the Seminar Class, working on the theme of “Late Blooming as a Spiritual Calling.” In the study, I wanted to make the case that those of us 65 or older are now better prepared to do God’s calling than perhaps any other time in our lives. I made this point because the church needs the wisdom and energy of older folks . . . and the sad reality is that too many of us have taken early retirement or feel forced into retirement from our church responsibilities because of our society and churches’ propensity to worship youth. However, there has not been a time more pressing that the present for those of us over 65 to step forward and offer our gifts for the cause of Christ.

During the study I was challenged to come up with some ideas about how to get “mature adults” more activated in the life of Woodland. I have done that (see below), but I would like to challenge the rest of the “mature adult classes” to brainstorm with us. But here is the rub, what do we do with the ideas that are generated? We could forward those to staff and wait on the ecclesiastical evolutionary process to work. However, I thought it would be best to send this to the LifeTimers so that you can ferret out what seems like workable programs for us here at Woodland. I will be glad to help but I am hopeful that you all would take the lead in this. What do you think?



A Baker’s Dozen: Ideas for Ministry for LifeTimers