The ISAAC Project & Woodland

Woodland is always looking for how to serve San Antonio’s immigrant community. We began with ESL and expanded our ESL program by providing citizenship classes and hosting the annual ISAAC Project training. We started calling the expanded ministry The World at Woodland.

The ISSAC Project is a recognized organization by the Board of Immigration Appeals. Since September 2013, it offers legal services for nominal fees to the immigrant community in San Antonio, Texas.

There is a dire need for quality immigration counseling and service at an affordable price. Far too many immigrants have been scammed by “notarios” and immigration consultants who prey on their lack of familiarity with the legal system. For others, the cost of an immigration attorney keeps effective legal counsel out of reach.

In response, the Federal Government has allowed non-profit organizations, including churches, to become “recognized organizations.” Woodland is looking to contract with the ISAAC Project to provide their services on our campus at Woodland.

On Monday, May 2 – Thursday, May 5, we will provide a video each day about the ISAAC Project and Woodland.

  • Monday, May 2: Garrett Vickrey, Senior Pastor, talking about the ISSAC Project
  • Tuesday, May 3: Diana Bridges, ESL Director, talking about the ISSAC Project
  • Wednesday, May 4: Meet Marianela Hernandez
  • Thursday, May 5: Meet Rosa del Carmen Cadena
  • Sunday, May 15, 9:00 am: ISAAC Informational Meeting
  • Sunday, May 22, noon: Congregational Vote at the end of worship

A Message from Garrett Vickrey

A Note from Diana Bridges

Meet Marianela Hernandez

Meet Rosa del Carmen Cadena