Woodland is switching to Vanco/Realm giving from RebelGive. The last day to use RebelGive is April 10, 2023.

Very soon, you will see links and/or giving forms for Vanco/Realm giving.

Give to Woodland

Tithes and offerings support the mission of Woodland — We are a people of hope, proclaiming the love of Christ. This mission guides us as we live this out as Woodland Baptist Church in all we do: from children’s and student ministries to maintaining buildings to Christian discipleship to serving the homeless and so much more.

You can give to Woodland in several ways.

  1. Online. Give through our new online giving platform, Vanco/Realm. This change from RebelGive will make things easier in the office for bookkeeping and it is a little less expensive for Woodland. Note: You will be given the option to help offset processing costs — for credit and debit donations 2.8% and for ACH donations 1%. If you choose to help offset, that amount is also deductible on your taxes. Yes, you can set up automatic-recurring giving.
  2. Online through RebelGive. We are phasing out RebelGive; the last day to give through RebelGive is. Aril 10, 2023. If you have automaticprecurring payments made through RebelGive, you can create automatic-recurring payments with Vanco/Realm.
  3. Through your bank. Use your bank’s method for sending money to Woodland.
  4. Mail a check to Woodland. We have a locked mailbox to help protect our mail.
    Woodland Baptist Church
    15315 Huebner Rd
    San Antonio TX. 78248

Thank you so much for helping and your generosity!

Do you want to give to the San Antonio Food Bank? Click here and use the YouthCUE donation page. YouthCUE has a special event coming soon to benefit the SA Food Bank.