Online Giving at Woodland

Click this button on the bottom right of any page to give online.

We have a new online giving platform called RebelGive. You can access it on any page on our site by clicking the button on the bottom right.

Why did we make the switch to RebelGive from PayPal? Online giving typically has been difficult for both churches and givers. You’d think you were giving $100 for example, but instead, our church would only receive $96.80 after the platform and processor took a cut.

That’s why we are excited about our new platform, RebelGive. They never take a cut of any gift you give, have negotiated the lowest market rates for our church, and together with your help, make sure all the convenience costs of digital giving are completely covered. In this way, 100% of your intended gift always goes directly to our church.

You have two options for giving digitally through the RebelGive platform:

  1. Give online with your credit or debit card. A 1.9% convenience fee will be added to your gift.
  2. Give online with your bank account (ACH) for no convenience fee.

You can always give online at Just click the giving trigger in the bottom right corner on any page.

If you have questions, please refer to the RebelGive Donor Guide and Donor FAQs.

Thank you so much for helping and your generosity!