Foster – Adopt – Kinship Ministry

We are beginning a new ministry here at Woodland: Foster-Adopt-Kinship Ministry. We are discovering who in our congregation and community identify as with foster-adoption-kindship care. We are learning how to minister and serve them. We are also looking at ways to serve CPS caseworkers.

Foster – Adopt – Kinship Gathering

Sunday, June 3, Noon

Our first event is a lunch for those who identify with Foster Care, Kinship Care, or Adoption in any way. Foster parents, foster children, former foster children, grandparents raising grandkids, aunts and/or uncles raising nieces and or nephews, adoptive parents, adopted children, adults adopted as children.

Our Connections Class is hosting a lunch for you on June 3 at noon in Maresh Hall. We want to hear your stories. We want to know how Woodland can help meet your needs and serve you.

Please sign up here for the lunch so we can plan for food and set up.

Foster – Adopt – Kinship Database

We are also creating a database of our families. This will help us as we expand our ministry to you. Please fill out this form. (We will have computers available at the lunch to fill out this form as well.)