Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University will return to Woodland in January 2019

This is a life-changing 9-week class.  Free childcare is provided.  Each class consists of a one hour video followed by a half hour of small group discussion.  FPU is for you if: your credit cards are your emergency fund; you have more month at the end of your money; you want to know what God says about money; you would have to sell your house to fund kids’ college.  If you follow the principles in this class, your life will change forever, your children will be on the right financial path, and you will find Financial Peace.

Contact Phil Sagebiel, Coordinator, for details.

Please go to this link for more information on Financial Peace University:  http://www.daveramsey.com/fpu/preview/

The cost per couple is only $49!

Former Class Member Testimonial

Taking the Ramsey FPU class was a life changer. I almost immediately put into action my debit card and stopped using my charge card. That enabled me to stop purchasing and only buying what was really needed and not spur-of- the-moment purchases. Just last month I did get my mortgage paid off and that is a fantastic feeling. I have learned to only use my debit card, knowing that I won't receive a huge bill once a month that has to be paid off.

Also hearing other stories in our class helped me see how others have struggled and that also helps one realize that our culture is about purchasing charging and staying in debt which is a very unhealthy concept. I shared my booklets etc with my son-in-law and it has helped turn around their habits. Actually, when my son-in-law, who was in Germany at the time he received my package of the Ramsey FPU course, I could hear 'the smile on his face'. He started the program and within the year paid off most of his charge cards and got them on a safer financial road.

I highly recommend it to anyone, whether they have their finances together or not. It also helps with long-term financial goals and how to plan for their future retirement.

Giving presents to others.

On Friday morning bought breakfast for all law enforcement officers in cafe.

Baked 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies for church.

Sam's Club checker helping an employee pay his utility bill.

Generous giving of time & love by those that volunteer, prepare food, & serve at the SA Rescue Mission.

Three sisters brought their gift of song to Sunday service and their congregation -- hallelujah.