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Woodland Baptist Church

Church Council COVID-19 Update #2

March 31, 2020

Genesis 18:16-33 tells us the story of Abraham negotiating with God on behalf of Sodom. Putting aside the different scholarly interpretations of this passage and of the nature of God, at face value, we see that God is willing to go and see for Himself what is going on in Sodom and willing to change his plans as Abraham pleads for Sodom. I can see that. After all, I pray for healing, protection, comfort, assistance, etc., for others hoping, sometimes even against all hope, that the person’s circumstances will change. I too am negotiating with God on behalf of others. It gives me comfort to believe that God may be and can be a God who is flexible.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced our nation, state, city, and church to be flexible in ways we never imagined. These are Sunday School classes are meeting via social media, others are sending out lessons via email, church and Bible study online, SARM ministry putting together sandwich bags for homeless locked out of shelters, giving online and mailing checks, email daily devotionals, deacons checking-up on members, individual church members meeting online for fellowship, the weekly emails from Lance continue to keep us updated on activities that will happen when we come together again, and others I may not be aware of. In the Air Force we have a saying, “Flexibility is the key to AirPower.” If that is true, and it is, then we are a very successful church in times that call for flexibility.

In light of that forced continued flexibility:

  1. The church will now remain closed to all ministry meetings through the end of April. At the earliest, May 3rd will be our first Sunday together for worship. This date will be evaluated again according to conditions and government guidance.
  2. Continue to let Rubye know of your prayer concerns so she can mail them out on our prayer request mailings.
  3. Lance has fixed many of the streaming issues and more cameras add to the online worship experience as we continue to sit in our home “pews” next to each other in spirit.
  4. Church office will remain closed but phones are monitored from staff homes.
  5. Mail is continued to be picked up daily so mailing your checks is not a problem. Giving via check or online is even more important now than ever. New mailbox is being installed with lock for extra security.

The Church Council is still active via email and will take up any issue that may concern you on the administration of the church during this time of social distancing. You may send your questions or concerns to either Garrett or me. In the meantime, stay healthy and be safe.

In Christ,

Conrad Navarro
Church Council Chair