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Woodland Baptist Church

Church Council COVID-19 Update #4

 May 6, 2020

In Acts 20:35 Paul quotes Jesus saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” We don’t have Jesus saying these words in the Gospels but that doesn’t mean He didn’t say them. If Paul quotes him as saying it then Jesus said it. John ends his Gospel by saying, “Jesus did many other miraculous signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book.” (20:30) The context of Paul’s quote is of his work in helping the needy. Our church truly knows the joy of giving and helping the needy. One evidence of your faithfulness comes from Lee Richardson, Chair of the Finance Committee:

  1. Although offerings were down $8K in the month of April, Jan-Mar giving was up $28K from last year. So, we are $20K ahead through April from last year.
  2. Our expenses through April are down $33K from last year.
  3. Our Legacy Fund has taken a bit of a hit with the downturn in stocks and bonds, but we have time to recover the loss as the market always bounces back.

In other words, we are financially healthy thanks to your continued giving in these financially trying times and of separation. The building may be closed but the church is not.

For this reason, even though our government PPE loan application was approved in the second phase of relief funding, the Council has decided not to accept the loan. The rules, although still somewhat ambiguous, make it clear that approval is based on “immediate” help in staying in business. The operative word is “immediate.” With the financial report above, we feel that we are not in immediate need. Not knowing what the future would hold six weeks ago, applying for the loan, “just in case,” was the right thing to do. However, there are more needy businesses in our community that need the money more than we do. Declining the loan is yet another way that our church can help the more “needy” in our community. Thank you for your overwhelming vote of confidence and trust in the Council when we proposed applying for the loan.

We hope you will continue to give what you can during this time. Though, we all understand that this is a time of great uncertainty we believe in the power and joy of our combined generosity. We have seen it in our giving to the general budget this year and in the effort to create masks and pack lunches for the needy. Thank you for your continued stewardship.

We are still making plans for reopening the buildings in June and when we have a concrete plan, we will send another update.

Peace and health,

Conrad Navarro             Garrett Vickrey
Council Chair                  Pastor