The Wonder Women began cooking classes again in January. We meet on Wednesdays, beginning at 9:30 am and ending at noon. New members are welcome. Child care is provided. Please contact Ellen in the church office with the ages of the children needing care.


After getting approval from the Family Ministry Committee and Pastor Vickrey, I launched six-weeks of pie-baking classes titled “Easy As Pie.” Derlene Williams provided recruitment with colorful posters, announcements were posted in the TWIG and we were off! We had about 12 participants at our first class in the fall of 2013, and we baked about 10 pumpkin pies in our church ovens. Mary Russell joined to assist and has become an invaluable co-leader. At every class each participant baked a pie that she would then take home to her family. Pecan pies, cherry-lattice pies, coconut cream pies, apple pies, and ( savory) chicken-pot pies flew out of our church kitchen.

After they became pros at baking pies, they wanted to extend the classes and bake some holiday “sides” to be ready for the holidays: cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry salad, fresh green bean casserole to name a few.

About the same time, the kitchen ministry was looking for a few new “Cooking Teams” to prepare Wednesday night meals. We volunteered to become Team #7. Anna Lundeen thought we needed a name and declared us to be “Wonder Women,” for we are wonderful, indeed; plus, you will wonder what we will make next! We purchased red aprons with Wonder Women insignias to identify ourselves. We started trying out recipes for Wednesday night and cooked together as a team for the first time in January 2014, making Tangerine Beef over rice, Horseradish- glazed carrots, Baby greens with Asian dressing and our home-made pies! We have been on the rotating schedule cooking about five times a year!