Congregational care at Woodland is coordinated through the Deacon Ministry. These men and women serve as lay ministers to the congregation. Although many of Woodland’s deacons serve on other committees, the diaconate itself is not an administrative or policy-making body.

Each family at Woodland is assigned to a Care Group, for which a deacon (or deacons) serves as leader. Deacons minister to members of their Care Group, celebrating happy times and offering support in times of crisis or pain. They also plan periodic fellowship activities, giving Care Group members an opportunity to make personal connections.

Deacons serve in several other capacities at the church, as well. Deacons work with the outreach committee to hand first-time visitors a bag of homemade cookies. They register and discuss service opportunities with new members and help to prepare candidates for baptism. Each month, deacons serve the Lord’s Supper during worship services and deliver communion to homebound members.

Woodland’s deacons are also the driving force behind our church picnic, held annually on the first Sunday of October. This year’s picnic marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of Woodland Baptist Church!