Child of God Bed Ministry

The “Child of God Bed Ministry” was created to provide beds for children being served by Child Protective Services. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) does everything they can to keep families together — we work with Child and Protective Services (CPS). One way is to find every child in the home their own bed to sleep in. Some families have children sleeping on pallets on the floor, some sleep 2, 3, or more in the same bed. Woodland provides these beds at no cost to families.

Woodland has received grants from Home Depot, 84 Lumber, Walmart, Sam’s Club, HEB, and Greehey Family Foundation. We use grants and donations to purchase lumber, hardware, mattresses, mattress covers, pillows, and bedding.

We have volunteers who build most of the beds (we’ve purchased a few). We have volunteers who deliver the beds. We’ve partnered with South Texas Alliance for Orphans to help us with delivery. South Texas Alliance for Orphans is an organization that helps churches in serving foster children and their families.

Each bed and bedding costs about $475 (not including labor or delivery which are provided by volunteers).

Are you interested in getting involved in the Woodland Bed Ministry? We need help building and delivering beds, applying for grants, and more. Use the contact button above to send us a message.


  • First delivery was 12/1/21
  • 55 beds have been delivered
  • 41 beds have been constructed by members of the Child of God Bed Ministry team
  • 5 twin beds and 1 set of twin bunk beds have been purchased from Home Depot using grant funds


  • Walmart Community Grant Awarded $1,000 by Store #1235, at 5025 NW Loop 410, San Antonio 78229
  • Walmart Community Grant Awarded $1,000 by Store #5146, at 8030 Bandera Rd, San Antonio 78250
  • Walmart Community Grant Awarded $250.00 by Store #1313, at 1200 SE Military Drive, San Antonio 78214
  • Sam’s Club Grant Awarded $2500 by Store #8264,  3150 SW Military Drive, San Antonio 78224