This month Woodland inaugurates the Andrew Project, a bold evangelism/ outreach initiative based on the example of the disciple of Jesus who had a knack for bringing people to Christ. This program seeks to implement a new model of articulating the Great Commission in which Christ called us to go into the world sharing the Good News.

The first step in the process is to encourage our congregation to begin considering friends or acquaintances who might be prospects for our church. To that end, we ask each member to think and pray about someone they know who would feel at home in the Woodland family. In coming months Sunday School classes will be asked to submit names of people they know who might be interested in Woodland.

The Andrew Project Committee will sensitively (and privately, if you prefer that your name not be referenced) reach out to these prospects to let them know of our joyful calling to share the Good News of Christ and of opportunities to use their spiritual gifts through the Woodland community. To that end, please prayerfully consider this new venture and some of the people you know who might need the Woodland experience. The Connectors in your Sunday School class will provide cards for you to share those names.