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Drawn together by the love of Christ…
Held together by our caring for each other…
Working together by our love for Woodland.

At Woodland we try to be a people of hope seeking in all our gatherings, all our words, and all our acts to proclaim Christ’s love. We believe to do so, we need to listen to God, share with each other, and get organized. Committees are not just governing boards. Committees are spiritual groups made up of disciples of Christ that meet together to pray, get to know each other, and carry out the work of the church. 
As committees and as a church, we want to invite, transform, and send out disciples. To do that, we need Committees to work together and pray together. We believe that if we are listening for God’s call together we will better be able to discern God’s vision for ministry through the people of Woodland.

– Garrett

At Woodland it is our desire for every member to be involved in the ministry of the church. To accomplish this, the church is served by twelve committees, and there are ministry teams that are linked to these committees. Committees are filled each year by members who are selected by the Committee on Committees to serve three‑year terms. The ministry opportunities are more fluid, and members may volunteer to serve on them throughout the year.

“Every member a minister” has been a catch phrase at Woodland since its beginning nearly 21 years ago. The church’s structure of Committees and Special Ministries provides many opportunities for the fulfillment of this maxim.

The work of our committees is broad in scope. The focus is on planning, organizing and implementing a full church program.

  • Committee chairs make up the Church Council, reporting on their committees’ activities, and approving all business to be sent to the general membership for voting.
  • There are approximately 100 church members serving on committees
  • Click here for the current job descriptions of each committee.
  • Family Ministries Committee Job Description


We have many ministries at Woodland, each of which falls under the umbrella of one of the 12 committees and keeps its “parent” committee informed of its activities.