CBF Kids is Woodland’s Mission Education Program for children in first grade through sixth grade. Our curriculum, SPARK, is designed and published by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship – hence our name CBF Kids.

We believe everyone, including our elementary age children, can join God’s mission in the world and learn to obey Jesus’ command to love God and love neighbor.

Spark is designed to teach this elementary age group about missions and the missional life through experiential learning and mission engagement. Our missional theme for each month is related to a Bible story. We focus on different CBF field personnel each month, learning about them, their call, and their work. We incorporate social studies, geography and history in our studies of where these CBF field personnel serve around the world. We use videos and food to help us better understand how the children of the world live. We participate in hands on mission activities to give the children the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. Our projects have ministered to people around the world and in our own neighborhoods.

In CBF Kids we learn, we play, we do missions, we pray. We learn to work together as a team as we grow in our understanding of how to love God and show His love to others.